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Founding Story
One of the components of our 50th anniversary yearbooks is an article the provides a historical overview of the institution’s founding story. Most alumni are amazed to discover how little they knew about the beginnings of their alma mater.

Flashback Article
The feature article in each 50th anniversary yearbook is called “Flashback”, featuring a retrospective of each class’s era on campus, featuring vintage photos, and excerpts from interviews recorded with alumni. This “Flashback ’64” article was produced for the University of Florida Grand Guard Reunion in November 2014.

Bio Pages
The main component of each Bespoke Reunion Publishing yearbook is the section featuring individual bio pages created by alumni via the project website. Alumni can answer an online questionnaire, and upload photos using their own username and password. Our design team creates their page from the photos and answers provided. We do accommodate those who do not wish to use the website with a manual form and photo-scan option.

Online Reunion Yearbook
For 25th reunion classes, we offer an online yearbook program with a print-on-demand option. Alumni create their page using the project website and the yearbook is posted online, with a link to the site sent to each member of the class. The online yearbook is a living document that can be edited and updated at periodic points during the months leading up to reunion. Books can be ordered in hard copy for fulfillment after reunion.